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Edition 3, 2009
It has been the law for some time that the High Court (“HC”) has jurisdiction over unfair dismissals provided that they are couched as contractual claims. This has been the cause of some consternation. Commentators1 point to the lack of coherence that a dual stream jurisprudence could lead to, warn that the Labour Court‟s remedial powers and special expertise could be usurped and complain that employers and employees should not have to arrange their affairs in a schizophrenic manner, where one set of rules applies when the common law holds sway whilst another does when the Labour Relations Act2 (“LRA”) applies.
In this issue :
  • unfair dismissal: dual jurisdiction streams may converge
  • old miniral rights, new hope
  • delinquent directors and the directing mind

In Re:
  • Identifying issues of particular constitutional importance
  • A ruling on exchange control rulings
  • When municipalities get greedy

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