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Edition 1, 2010
Shares generally carry the right to vote, a limited right to information, the right to share in the profits of the company that have been declared as a dividend and the right to share in the net surplus of a company on its winding up. Section 193 of the current Companies Act1 confers on each member the right to vote. When it comes to preference shares, on the other hand, the rights attaching to them are governed by the articles of association and section 194 of the current Act, which sets out the limited circumstances in which they carry a voting right.
In this issue :
  • Corporate Law Reform Series: Rights Attaching To Shares And The Power To Issue Them
  • Arbitration: Time To Grow Up
  • Property Development: Who's The Boss?

In Re:
  • Pleading a tacit agreement is not enough
  • Outsourcing: Workers Protected In Second Generation Transfers
  • Fringe Benefits: No Parallel System Of Remedies For Commissioner

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