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Edition 6, October 2009
The legal nature of a share will remain fundamentally the same under the new corporate law regime. A share, in the current Companies Act (61 of 1973), is defined as a share in the share capital of a company. Share capital, at present, may be divided into shares having a par value and no par value. Given that the par value of a share seldom bore any realistic relationship with the market value, the new Companies Act (71 of 2008) provides only for no par shares and a share is defined as one of the units into which the proprietary interest in a profit company is divided.
In this issue :
  • corporate law reform series : Definition, Alteration and Issue of Shares
  • financial reporting, uncertainty and tax
  • contracts: Unwitting Repudiation
  • trading contracts : Tree or Fruit
  • Competition: Tribunal not to Overdo Deference to the Commission
  • Employment: Automatic Termination Clauses are not Permissible

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